Monday, October 11, 2010

New Pampers Causing Severe Diaper Rash

Today is a post about pain that I don't usually see. Apparently Proctor and Gamble has changed something about their diapers and it appears to be causing severe diaper rashes in babies. And I'm not talking about just a bad diaper rash. These newborns are experiencing a chemical burn that causes bleeding and oozing.

Unfortunately, I know this from experience. Our newborn was using the new Pampers (given to her at St. Francis) and experienced the exact same symptoms. We tried numerous things, including maternal diet modification, changing to formula, creams. Nothing helped until we switched to cloth diapers at our pediatrician's suggestion.

Now the rash has totally cleared up. We have since went back to using manufactured diapers (Huggies) without any problem.

If you've had a similar experience, please post. Also, here are some related links. So far, Proctor and Gamble has been denying this, saying that it is very rare.

Consumer Product Saftery Commission report - over 4,700 complaints

You can also joint this Facebook group which has over 11,000 affected members.

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Ardiss said...

Some family came from out of town and purchased diapers while they were here, so they did not have to travel with them, then they left them here with our family. We have always used Huggies and the diapers they left were pampers. I used them for a few weeks but my 2 1/2 year old started crying about his "bum" being sore, he would not let me wipe him clean and threw huge fits when I tried to change him. Finally one day he asked specifically for the "pooh bear diapers" which are our Huggies. Since our younger son was still wearing them we had them on hand and switched it just for one diaper that day, and at the next diaper change I switched him back to the pampers. (I had been checking him for diaper rash because of his frequent complaints so I knew he was clear when i put it on) a few hours later I was getting him ready for bed and his bum was RAW! It was only a wet diaper so I know it wasn't caused by that. It wasn't until I started researching that I found out I was right. Pampers are the cause.

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