Monday, October 25, 2010

Back Pain Relief Without Surgery or Narcotics

By using a structured approach, >97% of our patients last year were helped without the need for invasive surgery.

Although most people with pain get better, some don’t. For those with continued pain, Dr. Webb can offer real hope for targeted pain relief. Not only is Dr. Webb an expert pain , in pain management, he is also board certified in Radiology. This makes him uniquely qualified to both diagnose the cause of pain using imaging and treat that pain with the latest, clinically proven, minimally invasive techniques.

Dr. Webb is the only physician in Tulsa currently trained to perform the “MILD” procedure. This is a new, minimally invasive alternative to lumbar fusion surgery for patients with lumbar spinal stenosis. Common symptoms that would benefit from this procedure are back and leg pain (including sciatica) that gets worse with standing or walking.

Whether your pain is from a bulging disc or a vertebral fracture, Dr. Webb is your best choice for expert imaging and pain management in Tulsa. Call for an appointment at(918) 260-9322.

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