Thursday, May 6, 2010

How We're Different

Many doctors approach patients with back pain by using narcotics or recommending surgery. By the time a patient sees a pain specialist, they are often going to get 3 steroid injections and then sent for a variety of tests leading up to spinal fusion.

At our clinic, we try to help patients avoid surgery. Here are some key ways that we are different:

* Advanced imaging studies, such as MRI, are critical to selecting the correct treatment plan for patients with pain. Dr. Webb is the only pain physician in Tulsa who is board-certified to read imaging studies.
* You get seen in days, not weeks.
* Pain relieving procedure done within days, not weeks.
* Leader in minimally invasive alternatives to surgery for patients with pain.
* Comprehensive pain intervention from epidural steroid injections to minimally invasive decompression.
* Focus on osteoporosis, spine fracture fixation with advanced level of training and specializing in complex cases.

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