Saturday, September 25, 2010

Strengthening Your Bones

Ask someone what a bone looks like and many people will think about a skeleton such as from biology class or a dinosaur skeleton in a museum. Perhaps that's because both are great visuals.

Thinking of those bones, however, can give the impression that bones are static and unchanging, like rock or marble. However, our bones are an amazing, living organ with tissue that continually remodels and rebuilds during our lifetimes. In fact, children replace their entire skeleton every 2 years. Even adults, after reaching skeletal maturity, continue to replace their skeleton every 7 years.

One reason that our bones are so active in remodeling is the stress our bodies go under, from exercise to trauma. Also, much like muscles, our bones get larger and stronger when used actively. Therefore, it's important to exercise our bones, particularly weight-bearing and muscle-building exercises.

There are numerous exercises of each type that can be beneficial. To learn more, call our office or visit the National Osteoporosis Foundation website for more information: Exercise for Healthy Bones | National Osteoporosis Foundation

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