Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bringing The Latest Research To Tulsa: Upcoming FDA Trials

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Webb has been selected to be a Prinicpal Investigator in two separate upcoming FDA clinical trials for different medical devices to treat vertebal compression fracture devices.

This means that our patients now have even more choices for the latest and most advanced technologies available for vertebral compression fracture management. These devices are only available for use by physicians participating in these trials.

For more information on the clinical trials, or to find out if you or loved one are eligible for enrollment in the trials, contact our research coordinator at

1 comment: said...

I want everyone who reads this
article to realize, Dr. Webb
is one of most productive doctors
who helps those with osteoporosis.
He has outstanding creditials
with a clinical record demonstrating successful
treatment of patients with
spinal disorders.
FDA has selected this great doctor
based on merit and not politics.

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